How did I learn Spanish and English language?

Stop, stop, stop, stop! Before you read this, I want to disprove all your hopes of learning the language using this method alone, at least Spanish won’t do that. Spanish isn’t that complicated, but just watching movies and a TV show isn’t going to help you. Of course, as in every language, the pupil must know the structure of the language: its grammar, nuances, pronunciation, etc. I’m sure sitting around teaching grammar isn’t going to do much good. First, you’ll get tired of memorizing all the topics that touch the language and, as a result, drop what you started. Second, you have to hear a word spoken in a language you want to know. I’ll give you one example: Without speaking English, how would you pronounce a luxury? The Lukhuri, the Lahuri are a lot of options, but the only thing that doesn’t apply is the right one.

In my experience, hearing your interested tongue is incredibly important. I am grateful for that thought a long time ago – to watch the series not in my native language, but in Spanish (in my case). Of course, for the first time, I was watching with subtitles. As always, it happened with complications because my brain didn’t want to give in to new changes, it resisted, it got tired, and it wanted to finish quickly. But what I was driven by was desire. The brain didn’t want physically, but it was morally eager to learn even more new constructions, phrases, words. I always repeat that this is a way out of your comfort zone. If you choose to, you will acquire new skills. . With each movie or series, I sat with a notebook or notes on my phone to record more and more words that were unknown to me. I remember what list of words I wrote. When the movie was over, I didn’t start teaching them right away, because the brain was already