Alexa Bondarenko

You will ask yourself: «What the hell is she doing? »

I say you that I just want to wake up every morning to know that I am waiting for the plans, the missions and the people.You will ask yourself again: «Why? » I say you those things make me feel happy. The two opposite but beloved qualities that surround me give me these thoughts – what really happens is that I am an absolutely fearless and dreamy girl. To be honest, I’m proud of this and happy that I am keeping myself busy from such a young age. While all teenagers are drinking, partying or hanging out, I am basically growing something «mine», something that can help to people. Although for this reason, I created a YouTube channel. I just want to be myself and if lots of person doesn’t accept the way I am, it’s their problem, not mines. Let people judge, just smile back and be focused on your aims.


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