Project Description

Background: I once spent a year in a small, unknown town. Before arriving there, I asked myself very often the question: «Where will I train ?» since I and sports are two things in one whole. It was the second month of my life there, and I started showing up more and more around my teenagers and people. On my way from home to my school, I’ve always seen a huge black building with a red emblem. And one day, I asked my classmate: «What kind of building is this?». As a visitor to this place every day after school, she gave me a full description, and it turned out to be a gymnasium. In fact, I was so pleased that as soon as she was done talking, I asked her to accompany me the next day (as I recall now, it was a Saturday). The first three months I saw a lot of people there, the most I could respond to their greetings – wave my head and turn my back, continue my training. For 4 months I had a maximum (in time) conversation with the director of this establishment in 15-20 minutes. As it turned out later – it became my great support, I would even say the first friend (in the video you will understand who he is). We became friends, we talked about our interests, and one day, I told him that I really liked making videos and processing them. Since he wasn’t training that day before we talked, I took the initiative and suggested that we take off his training for fun. And as it happens, you can watch my video.

Project Details

  • Client: G Sparta Fitness Club (Murcia, Spain)
  • Date: May 26, 2020
  • Category: Video Editing