La Harmony Cafe

Project Description

Background: My longtime friend has decided to open her own restaurant and, accordingly, after such a gesture, there should be visitors who will be interested in all the ingredients of her establishment. What does that start with? Of course, advertising your business. She, aware of the fact that I have the skills to edit the video, asks me to take up her new project with a clip. The first thing I needed was the material itself. For example, what the restaurant looks like, what the food is there to cook, what the staff works and all that other stuff. So when I came to this place, and I shot all of the material, and I was immersed in the atmosphere, I had a little idea about the editing of this project. I want to show you my 1 job at my little start. Have a good view!

Project Details

  • Client: Cafe La Harmony (Odessa, Ukraine)
  • Date: April 16, 2020
  • Category: Video Editing