What apps do I use to process photos on my iPhone?

Processing is creativity and part of our self-expression. I’m not a professional photographer, I haven’t had a special course, but it’s one of my favorite hobbies. Processing is not a panacea, but it can make the source more alive, sensual and atmospheric.

And I’m pretty sure that if you exclude all the professional photographers and idealists of ideal processing, 70 percent of the people on social media use the editors on the phone (there’s just the 10 percent that publish the original photo without the slightest light correction). With many applications, you can achieve perfect processing without using any Adobe on your computer.

There are crazy many different functions that different applications provide. Of course, you can increase the brightness in all applications, but there are applications where I like the ending better than the source. I’m going to go through the app list and tell you why I make them my favorite.

Here’s my favorite TOP 10 application for iPhone photo editing :

Lightroom (light correction is the first thing to do when working with an image)

Snapseed (sometimes here also correct the light of the photo, but more often change the angle of the photo, rotate it, and remove extra details from the photo)

VSCO (function «balance white» that allows changing the temperature of the picture)

TADAA (making the background blurry, it is also possible to use blur patterns)

Focos (similar to the previous application, the photo can be done in «Portrait»)

Prequel (your escape from boring stories on Instagram, and generally interesting filters)

Pomelo (my favorite! I accidentally found it for myself, few have heard of it. I always install filters there)

Dalgona (warm and cold film effects)

NEBI (a glare of a variety of colors and several retro-filters)

Unfold (photo collages)